Increase your Business Efficiency with Mobilog

Mobile solution all in one

Your smartphone is the only important tool you will need for effective supervision of the delivery service owing to Mobilog. It is a compact yet a powerful mobile solution that reduces your need to keep bulky equipment for GPS tracking, scanning or navigation. This application mobile and application web is user-friendly and can be used by your workforce and customers both.

Real-time delivery tracking

Track the delivery status of an order or a freight with your fingertips. Mobilog always keeps you informed of the exact status of any order or the location of the freight at any point in time. All order-related details are instantly communicated to your online office to create invoices faster and send them automatically.

Eliminate paperwork

Mobilog helps you reduce or eliminate unnecessary documentation completely. Carriers can receive their orders in several places and process them without documentation. This helps eliminate any human errors in billing and subsequent credit notes since all the necessary documentation is done through the delivery driver application.

Analysis and detailed reports

This delivery management software has a single panel. It provides important metrics and vital data along with a detailed analysis on the order, transport and delivery of your products or service provision. The software offers real-time reporting tools to help you monitor business performance with ease.

Reduce Back and Forth Communication

The bidirectional communication function in the mobile delivery software eliminates the need for expensive telephone calls to and forth with your delivery personnel. Communication between you and your drivers or carriers can now be done faster, and at a lower cost.

Complex route planning

Mobilog comes with a route planning tool. You can use it to perform a very complex route planning with several departure and arrival locations. Each route that must be followed by a driver, a carrier or a field staff will be displayed on the screen of their smart phones.

Proof of Delivery - ePOD

Enjoy comprehensive delivery management and GPS tracking in real time. The delivery driver application captures signatures, partial deliveries and the rejection of elements with reasons to create discrepancy acts and obtain the debt of customers online.

Visual communication

Receive instant updates on any delivery problems with photos that enable easier communication from your front-end to back-end employees and help identify root problems. The photos provided can be easily synchronized with the related documents available with the back-end team.

Free download and start

No initial payments are required. Simply sign up for our on-demand service, download the ePOD application from the app store and start using Mobilog. Enjoy a quick return on investment when you start using all the powerful features of the complete package.


This is your chance to start managing your delivery systems efficiently.

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