Frequently asked questions

What is Mobilog?

Mobilog is a cloud-based delivery system for the last mile of business automation. Use the all-in-one software to manage your deliveries and routes, optimize your routes, do paperless delivery tests, track your vehicle in real time, and send jobs to your drivers.

Do I need to integrate Mobilog with my system before using it?

No. We have designed Mobilog to be as simple as possible so you do not have to go through the hassle of integrating different systems just to start managing, controlling, analyzing your deliveries and routes. You can simply use our web forms to add your orders, routes or import your manifest file (CSV format) into our system.

Does it fit in my business?

Mobilog is a perfect tool for almost any type of business where large numbers of staff work outside the walls of the office. We have created this delivery driver application with a wide variety of business in mind. It adapts to logistics, wholesale, retail, utility, service, manufacturing and construction industries (food delivery, courier service, labor management). We are confident that our software will be beneficial also in your business.

How can Mobilog help me with daily tasks?

Your drivers or carriers do not even need to come to your office to get jobs everyday most of the time. They can obtain routes with order details simply online and notify tasks and completion of deliveries in one touch. No more paperwork is needed. You can get deliveries to your mobile devices and go to customers directly from your home. It is not necessary that you call them to find out what is happening, since you can see all the necessary delivery statuses and other information directly on the screen. Your staff can also move comfortably from one point to another using built-in navigation.

What benefits can I potentially get?

First, it will allow you to decrease your time spent on routine work. Time is money and you know it. You are able to use all-in-one software that will allow you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, endless phone calls, texts, etc. It will allow you to be in full control of what is happening in your business at this time. You will get all the necessary statistics for business decision making almost in real time, thus increasing your potential for higher profits.

Will Mobilog work in my country?

Mobilog is ready for everyone. This means that you can use Mobilog to track your vehicles or drivers and deliveries in any country around the world. You can manage, control, analyze and improve your service anywhere and anytime.

Can I run it on several PCs?

You can manage your company on any PC number.

Do I need to install something (mobile / PC)?

There is no need to install anything on your PC. All you need to do is register your account in the administration portal. For mobile phones you only need to find Mobilog in the Google Play app store and install it. It's that easy.

What are the compatible web browsers?

Our administration portal supports the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer (version 8 and above), Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac.

Can I run it on MAC or my iPhone?

You can definitely run the back-end portal on your MAC, all you need is the Internet and a compatible browser. However, the iPhone is not currently compatible. We are working hard to solve this problem

How is it licensed and What is the final price?

The price is based on the number of controllers that you currently manage in your administration portal. No need to buy any kind of licenses, servers, etc. The price is very simple.

Can I get support with software?

All registered business users are definitely eligible for support. In case of any problem or question, contact us at

What is the maximum number of drivers or field personnel that I can manage and control?

There is virtually no limit to the number of drivers or field personnel that you can manage and control at any time. From one to ten or hundreds or even thousands of drivers or field staff, just add your staff as you grow and Mobilog will track them all for you.

Will it adapt to my small business (2-5 work places)?

We are sure that it fits perfectly with small businesses (as well as with large ones). We carefully design our routing software and delivery driver application with all types and sizes of business.